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Queer Caregivers for Folks with Cancer: Discussion
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You might be a queer caregiver of a person with cancer if...

You've had to explain to emergency room personnel that no, you're not sisters, but yes you are family.
You've been tempted to write a love song for Zofran.
You've overheard your parents tell their neighbors "oh she's just a little upset because her room-mate has cancer."
You're afraid that if one more person asks "what are you doing to take care of YOURSELF" you might commit an act of violence.
You've been ever been mistaken for "the one with cancer" because people think your extremely short haircut looks like your are post-chemo.
You've screamed "of course he's on a lot of narcotics. He has cancer!"

This community is for all queer caregivers of folks with cancer...whether that person is your spouse, partner, best friend, shortstop on your softball team, parent, child, however you define family. Also very open to straightfolk or allies who are helping to provide care and support for queer family/friends.

The idea is to share hope, strength, a listening ear, ideas and resources.

The basic rules around here are:

1. Take it easy on each other. Really, c'mon now, haven't we all had a hard enough day? Assume that folks are on your side until absolutely proven otherwise.

2. Got a beef with someone? Please take it to private communication, either IM or email. But when it doubt, see rule #1

3. Please maintain confidentiality. What happens in Queercancercare stays in Queercancercare. Seriously, people share at a pretty deep level here, and we all know cancer is literally a matter of life and death. The only thing that protects us is a mutual respect for privacy. Oh, and remember to lock your posts if you want them to be non-searchable.

Right now, the membership is open, if members feel this should be more tightly controlled, it is definitely up for discussion.

If you've got questions, please always feel free to email me directly at kellidunham@gmail.com.